2iQ Research provides solutions to quant Hedge Funds, Quantitative Portfolio Managers, Prop Traders, Equity Research and Fundamental Equity investment Managers.
2iQ's solutions range from web access, customised reports, alpha signals to a raw data feed.

Inside Analytics Website

Web Access

  • Access real-time filings
  • Company history

Alpha Generating Tools

  • Screening
  • Market Sentiment
  • Sector Sentiment

Insider Transaction Data Feed

Data Feed

  • Realtime or End of day delivery
  • Customisable formats
  • Seamless Integration to other database and applications
  • Algo trading integration

Structured and normalised data

  • Historical data files
  • Unique insider ID
  • Tagging/labeling in relation to significant events (e.g. mergers, private placements)
  • Harmonisation of insiders' roles
  • Standardised hierarchical positions
  • Identification of the types of securities traded and the type of trading activity
  • Filing-amendment updates
  • Related-parties identification

Customised Services

Email Notifications

  • Customised emails for your stock universe
  • New dealings monitor of your investment universe
  • Realtime alerts

Automated screening for investment opportunities

  • Real Time, Daily or Weekly frequency
  • Delivery in various formats (html, pdf, xls, csv, xml)

Tom Barrett, CEO, Verus Analytics

Inside Analytics is the result of a rigorous process designed to create an aggregated and cleansed data source of otherwise disparate pan-European insider transactions.
The Inside Analytics back-test history and ongoing data feed allow clients to quickly gauge insider sentiment at the company, industry or country level.

Delivery Options

  • Email
  • FTP
  • HTTP
  • Webservices
  • Database Loader

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