Unmatched data quality

  • Analyst researched transactions
  • Capture and analysis of footnotes
  • Validation of Insider positions and relationships to reporting entity
  • Updates and time stamps for original filing amendments
  • Labels and categorisation of all transactions

Real-time Data

With proprietary technology, developed over ten years, 2iQ retrieves filings and news from all covered European, Asia-Pacific, African and American supervisory authorities and stock exchanges in real-time. These filings are analysed, double checked, labelled and categorised by an experienced team of in-house analysts.

High Accuracy

Our team of highly skilled analysts is committed to maintain a highest possible and most up-to-date data quality. 2iQ's procedures and proprietary algorithms automatically check, analyse and verify all insider dealings.


We currently cover more than 12000 companies in more than fifty countries. Our global database includes the full history of insider transactions. For details please contact us.

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