Fastest and most accurate Insider Transaction data

With 2iQ products and services you gain access to the most accurate and most up-to-date Global Insider dealing data.

We currently cover over 12,000 companies in more than 50 countries. We enhance the data by adding valuable information such as insider positions, filing footnotes and we research transactions related to company events (e.g. mergers).

We guarantee the highest quality standards plus the commitment to extend coverage and drive innovation in the future. Our near and longer term goals are simple: continue to provide the most comprehensive, accurate and timely Insider Dealing data available, while identifying and delivering new value add content and analytics that gives our clients a measurable advantage when searching for alpha.

Be more efficient

Analyzing insider transactions and insider holdings for the global markets is very inefficient and time consuming. Filings are spread across numerous sources and in very different unstructured formats and languages. 30% of the filings must be checked and processed by our in-house analyst team.

Use the predictive power of Insider Transactions

to enhance your investment strategy. With our unique service we provide a reliable and comprehensive source to gauge the insider sentiment at the company, industry or country level. Academic research shows that corporate insiders have superior knowledge to any analyst or other market participant and earn abnormal returns by trading their own company stocks.

Tom Barrett, CEO, Verus Analytics

"Our partners at 2iQ have done a remarkable job of collecting and compiling this one-of-a-kind data set.

Moreover, after our Financial Engineering team applied Verus' executive behavior analytics to the data, it became clear that executive buying and selling and equity-based awards in Europe have an exceptional relationship to future share-price performance at the associated firms.

Investors in the European markets will find significant value in risk management and idea generation in this information, which does not appear to be efficiently impounded into equities pricing."

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